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Everything about Hentai Videos is hentai videos. Easy to guess. You should expect that all of the women you will find here with different breasts and asses, blonde, brunette, or redhead, are obviously in the form of cartoons and Japanese anime. The site is also very straightforward about the videos you can find in their collection. As the site title says, expect that the porn videos they have are all HENTAI. Despite the fact that HentaiVideos.com is a free porn site, the video quality of their content is high and you can even access a lot in HD.

So, if you're here on this site, make sure you're not looking for a real girl or real sex video. But don't worry, since you're reading this review but you don't know what you're getting yourself into, I'll tell you more about what this site is in the next sections.

What's Hentai?

First, in case you don't know what Hentai is, don't worry, there are a few men who know porn but don't really know what Hentai is. Hentai is a Japanese word that means lewd or pervert. Then, the word was started to be used to call any kind of work of literature or art especially novels, mangas or comics, videos, and games that contain sex scenes or any other adult material.

I'm actually quite impressed with the Hentai Videos collection because even though they are fictional and even drawn, most hentai porn videos, pictures, and mangas have censorship. It means that the creators have to hide the parts that actually matter. That's because there are certain laws about it, especially for free Japanese porn sites. However, this is not the case with HentaiVideos.com. When I went through a lot of videos from their site, there were extremely few videos that aren't uncensored. In my estimation, maybe only 1 out of 50 videos is censored, and that's really cool. I can say that the hentai videos collector on this site worked really hard to compile all of these uncensored porn videos.

Japanese Anime Porn Vs Other Cartoons Porn

Does hentai only apply to Japanese anime porn? Not really. Since hentai is a Japanese word, some people think that when you call a sex video a hentai video, it should have a Japanese anime girl with more dimensions and details, unlike a cartoon. That argument is valid. However, the word "Hentai" has spread really well and anyone who can't even find the difference between an anime and a cartoon knows that a hentai video is not for kids. For anything that is drawn for adults only, yeah, you get to call that hentai.

You can also find 3D animations on this website and they're in HD. Cool, right? What's cooler is that some of these are even parodies of popular mainstream games.

Hentai Videos Site Layout

Now then, let's talk more about this site.

Firstly, I like the fact that the website layout designer was thoughtful enough to make the background color pitch black. Pitch black is the perfect color for watching hardcore sex videos, and that should include hentai videos as well. No discrimination with that.

The site also has a very neat layout with functional tools especially search options. The search box is neatly placed at the topmost part of the site and that's cool because it's a very useful tool especially for those who know their porn well and just want to get the results of their searches immediately. No time for browsing. Alternatively, there are also other ways to look for your next favorite sex video, and some of the tools for that can be found on the menu bar. You can sort the videos on this site by clicking on Movies. You have the option to see the videos in different views like starting with the most recently added videos, videos with the most views, top-rated, most discussed, and longest duration. You can also filter the videos here based on categories and tags. The homepage is pretty simple with just these tools, updates from the site admin, relevant ads, and a couple of featured videos. The ads are also interesting actually. They're strategically placed on the site so none of them interferes with your hentai experience.

Although, when you go to the other pages on this site, you'll find more tools. Try sorting the videos based on the number of views. You can do that by clicking on Movies then Most Viewed. On the left side of the page, you'll see that you can filter the content based on gender, duration, and categories. Also, when you click on a video, you'll see related content. Some of the videos are from the same series.

All of these features are adaptive so you get them on your mobile phone as well in an optimized ratio and even the videos that are in HD on a desktop, is still available in HD on mobile.

Categories on Hentai Videos

While you may think that almost all hentai videos have fantasy stories, there are actually more hentai videos that lean on another side of fiction that intends to break taboos like incest, rape, blackmailing, kidnapping, and young. If there's a sexual fantasy you know is taboo or can't afford to spectate in real sex videos with real people, seeing them in animation won't even make you cringe or give you goosebumps.

Hentai Videos has these major categories on their site that you should try to check out are BDSM, big tits, group sex, and uniform. You can also try looking for other more specific niches by browsing through tags instead of categories. Some of the tags I'd recommend you to try are weird nipples, hardcore, and outdoor.

Popular Hentai Porn Searches

If you are still unsure of where you want to go or what you want to watch, you can for what others are watching, or those I personally rated as great finds based on the storyline and graphics. But, let's start with what most users are watching.

The most popular hentai video on this site that seems to have the most views as of this writing is Businessman Having Filthy Daydreams On His Way Home. It obviously sounds like it's a porn story that occurs to common folks and maybe quite a lot of hentai geeks can relate to it. I'm not sure about it but it surprisingly has more than 230,000 views. Although for me, among the videos with the highest number of views, I find Guy Fucked My Female Demons topnotch. The video is available in HD, the graphic design is good, and a lot of succubi whose beauties range from cute to hot.

HentaiVideos.com Community

Registration or membership is not mandatory on HentaiVideos.com. You can access all of the hentai videos for free including the HD videos, and even rate videos without having to log in. However, if you want more involvement and interaction, you can choose to join the site's community. By joining the community, you can post comments on the videos, send messages to other users, add them as friends, post messages on their profile walls, and upload photos and videos.

Hentai Games

HentaiVideos has a partner site for hentai games which is HentaiGame.com. You can get the link to this site from the menu bar or navbar of HentaiVideos. Each of the games on that site is playable for free on any browser and their games have a high number of views and ratings. So, if you would like to try playing games, HentaiGame.com is a good site to try it with. They have very easy games to play to very challenging ones.

More Hentai Porn Content

If you still want some more hentai stuff, and even other stuff, don't worry, HentaiVideos.com has your ass covered. Check out the site's footer and you'll find other sites that are good recommendations, too. You'll find more hentai games sites, mangas, and even real sex tubes there.

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