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No need to guess what this site is about. You know it. They should have added the word "free" as well actually because all of the adult games here can be played for free. You won't even have to register for an account. In fact, you won't even find a log-in page here. Despite that fact, there is no time limit for the games and you can play as much as you want. Just a friendly piece of advice though, play with moderation. Sex games are still pornos, you know? Just like other porn materials, sex games can cause addiction, especially if you get really engaged in the game play and you have control over its pace including when you want to stop. Some games are like sex videos or stories that once the plot ends, it's over. However, there are some games that aren't like that. So again, warning: use this site moderately.

Adult Games Site Navigation

Let's start with how to go around this website. The site layout is actually pretty simple so getting around is very easy.

What I like most about this site is how I can use the search box really well. I'm a fan of hentai games. Even though hentai is already a niche itself, I can be more specific than that and I deserve to be picky. You can use the search tool to look for games using a category, a part of its title, or the whole title. You can even combine keywords.

If you're unlike me and you're one of the explorers, you can try a couple of other methods like using the menu bar and sorting the entire Adult Games collection by popularity when you choose Popular Games or by rating by clicking on Best Games. If you have more time, you can always choose to browse all of the 58 pages of free adult games with an average of 24 games per page. That number is just as of this moment I'm writing this review.

Sex Games For Newbies

As I have said, there are currently 58 pages of free adult games on this site. However, if you haven't played video games before even sex games, don't worry, out of the huge collection this site has, everyone, even a newbie, can still have plenty of choices.

For sex games novices, I suggest playing games that fall into these categories - visual novels, simulators, strip games, and puzzles. Some of the games can have controls as easy as click-and-play. You won't even need to look for where to click. Sometimes you'll just see games that say click anywhere and you'll instantly find the chicks in the game doing you good.

You don't really have to be a gaming genius to play sex games. Trust me.

Pro Porn Gamers' Choice

If you're a newbie and you are still reading, you might think I'm pulling a trick on you. No, I'm not. Thing is, porn games really are easy to play. You don't need to use keyboard shortcuts or things like that. There are just some porn games that aren't as easy as next, next, next. That's why I mean these games are for pros. Some of the sex games more suitable for pros fall into these categories such as adventures, RPGs, VR games, and gambling games. These games require more thinking and going around. Once you have decided that you want more interactive games, I suggest that you try games that will let you customize your own babes.

One of the sex games on Adult Games that lets you do that is Fuck Your Champion 18. There are 35 hot ladies you can choose from and you can customize them even more. You can build sex scenes with your chosen babe. Just be aware of the time you're spending on this game. Just like what I have warned you about earlier, this is one of those games that doesn't have a time limit so you'll have to set it for yourself.

Free Adult 3D Games in HD

Here's another impressive feature of this site, it has free adult games that are 3D and in HD quality. Isn't it awesome? It's easier to tell if the content is in HD if it's 3D. You'll have to check the stability of your connection before you go on a trip to a game like this. It'll just be a bummer if you find a good 3D game and won't enjoy it because of lags. Adult Games rarely have issues with their server so the gaming experience quality is usually good even when you stream one of their HD 3D games.

Again, I'm a very picky guy. Especially when it comes to graphics, so I rarely like 3D games. The visual quality tends to be more realistic than my usual porn choice which is hentai, but hentai chicks tend to have better-drawn tits and more innocent faces. Get it? Okay, so if you agree with me or understand what I mean, here's my favorite 3D game title - My Horny Girlfriend. It's a browser game but as a tip, play it on Firefox, Safari, or Edge because Chrome no longer supports Flash Player.

More Categories

Did you think the only categories on this porn website are the ones I have mentioned? I surely hope not because there are a lot of categories here in Adult Games and listing down all of them is quite tiresome when you can just experiment and check them out on the search box.

If you are just lazy to think of those categories, here's a tip - if it exists in your usual porn, you can find it here. You can try searching for these keywords - BDSM, bondage, anal, hentai, blonde, MILF, outdoor, and more.

Sex Game Titles You Should Try

Thank me for browsing through the titles that you won't need to go through what I did in case you just want some virtual sex action pronto.

The most popular porn games are actually parodies like Grand Fuck Auto or Grand Fuck Anal, Gotham Sluts, and The Void Club. The Void Club is a cartoon porn series with episodes called "Chapters" of parodies of popular games like Overwatch, movies like Frozen, and anime TV series like Naruto. They're easy to play because these sex games are interactive visual novels. You just have to read through the text and make some choices occasionally.

Game Reviews

AdultGames has its own unbiased reviews of games you can try on their website. You can check out their articles by clicking on "Blog" from the site's menu.

More Games

If you haven't got enough from the hundreds of games on AdultGames.games website, feel free to check out the partner sites from the list on the homepage left sidebar.

Other Smut Stuff

If you want more porn materials, you can also check the links on the menu for hookups and live cams.

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